Vegan Holiday Food


Preparing vegan food during the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful or involve lots of ingredients you’ve never heard of before.

Here are five simple ideas for any quick feast:

Vegan Stuffed Rolls

*Crescent Dinner Rolls
*Vegan Cream Cheese
*Cranberry Sauce (I like the Trader Joe’s kind that comes in a jar)

Unroll triangles of dough. Place a scoop of cream cheese and a scoop of cranberry sauce in each and re-roll. Bake according to roll package instructions.

*If you’d like to add a vegan sausage or hot dog for festive “pigs in a blanket” go right ahead. Or, try the rolls stuffed with the mashed yams below.


*Coconut Oil

Wash yams and slice in half. Put a scoop of coconut oil in the middle. Wrap each yam in foil. Bake at 400 for about an hour.

Unwrap and sprinkle with cinnamon. Or gently slide off skins, mash with vegan butter, and pumpkin pie spices.

*If you’d like, you can also put black beans, salsa, and a little avocado on each cooked yam and serve them for lunch. Yum!


Autumn Casserole

*Fingerling Potatoes
*Raw Garlic Spread (Majestic Garlic is the best brand)
*Vegan Gravy

Wash potatoes and steam them with their skins still on. When cooked, dump potatoes in a glass dish. Combine with scoops of raw vegan garlic spread (to taste). Chop up chunks of tofu and toss them in. Warm up your favorite vegan gravy and dump it on top. Stir it up!


Fancy Salad
*Vegan Cheese (Follow Your Heart is my favorite brand)
*Butter Lettuce
*Green Olives

Chop lettuce. Chunk cheese. Toss with olives.

*Add pomegranate seeds and balsamic vinegar to really class it up.

Cucumber Sandwiches 

*Vegan Cream Cheese



Assemble. Cut into cute little triangles. Serve with tea.

Happy Holidays!!


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