I’m so grateful for the time, talent, and vision everyone put into this short film.

TEDx Talk

It was an honor to speak at this event put on by teens for teens. The young adults in charge were so inspiring because they took on a huge challenge and didn’t take no for an answer. I still remember Jess telling the story of how he loved TED Talks but was too young to attend. So, he brought TEDx to his community. My talk was entitled, This Might Kill You, and addressed the dangers of conforming.

Fully Human

After my first advertisement for Manduka Mats came out, people wrote me asking about what my practice looked like. I came up with most of my modifications on my own. I didn’t feel qualified to make a yoga video for amputees so I put this together to provide a window into my life. Since then, I’ve had the privilege to work with extremely talented teachers and to develop more informed poses. Maybe one day, I’ll make that yoga video…

Vegan Pho

Friends are always asking me how they can eat healthier or how to go vegan. I’ve learned they don’t want cookbook or blog recommendations because those can be intimidating (especially for friends who never really considered themselves cooks in the first place). They want to know what I eat every day. So, I came up with a rotation of seven super simple meals. No weird ingredients. No cooking skills required. Just great food.

Power Bowl

I remember my mom had a meal rotation with several easy international dishes. We’d start off with spaghetti, go through taco night, and end with classic burgers. Getting healthy or going vegan doesn’t need to be anymore complicated than Mom’s original rotation. We just need to reinvent the American dinner plate. Join me for a revamped versions of the traditional spaghetti or taco nights.